those we lost


a visual concert

In times of a global pandemic, stigmatisation of groups and ethnicities is a sad truth. One-sided reporting and cheap propaganda are feeding hate, exclusion and biased opinions about „others“. A phenomenon that repeats itself throughout human history. Inspired by Gideon Mendels photo book „The Ward“, Haitzmann addresses the survival strategies of the LGBT-Community, facing the AIDS crisis in the 1980s and 1990s.

How can the courage and coherence of one generation inspire our generation’s fight for social justice? This performative solo concert pays tribute to the dead, while seeking to provide the living with a perspective and hope. The artist integrates old audio and video footage from those days into new compositions and creates a contemporary voice for the struggle for dignity in times of crisis. „Those we lost…“ is an obeisance and a declaration of war, it is an expression of thanks and an outcry for change.

© Daliah Spiegel​

Matteo Haitzmann
violin, octave violin, vocal, concept, composition

Lukas Froschauer
live sound