s q u a m a t a

© Philipp Kienberger

s q u a m a t a

Founded in 2020 for Matteo Haitzmann’s diploma concert, the four musicians met for the first rehearsals in a crypt in Vienna. Through this first rehearsal phase, concepts such as isolation, enrapture, silence and darkness became essential for the new formation, and they then also had a decisive influence on the quartet’s sound concept.

In the instrumentation of vocals, baroque-violin, soprano saxophone/bass clarinet and extended percussion/drums, the musicians listen especially during the breaks and want to give the audience the opportunity to reflect on questions and thoughts that arise during the concert. Inspired by the spatiality of the crypt, it soon became clear that the musicians were not playing in a usual pitch, but deeper. Closer to the earth. This creates a world of sound that is reminiscent of a time before our civilization. A time before there were beings that could walk upright.

Anna Anderluh – vocal
Matteo Haitzmann – baroque violin
Lisa Hofmaninger – saxophone/bass clarinet
Judith Schwarz – extended drums