Sons of Sissy

© Arne Hauge

Sons of Sissy

In an experimental way, the four performers and musicians use traditional alpine live music, various group dances and ritualistic practices. They liberate them from conservatism and conventions and establish a new fusion of artistic reinterpretations and temporary social attributions of meaning. Beyond categorization and pigeonhole thinking, Sons of Sissy live up to their name: they sometimes act as a quirky folk music quartet, sometimes as an experimentally playful ritual dance combo, and they radically and humorously break up traditional male role models in the customs and traditions.

The Team

Simon Mayer – idea, choreography, performance, music
Matteo Haitzmann, Patric Redl, Manuel Wagner – performance, music
Hans Tschiritsch – special instruments
Andrea Simeon – stage and costume
Martin Walitza, Hannes Ruschbaschan – light design
Frans Poelstra – artistic advice
Sophie Schmeiser, Elisabeth Hirner – production
Kopfhoch, Hiros – touring